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LADURÉE was a famous brand of macaroons in France.  The legendary patisseries brings the art of Ladurée to a new stage by developing its cosmetic products, accessories, etc!  Laduree restaurant is a must-stop venue for me every time in Paris, however this time, I found one in the heart of Ginza, Tokyo too! On the second floor of the Mitsukoshi department store. LADURÉE 是法国非常有名的马卡龙品牌, 这个传奇的糕点店集合了艺术在展品上。 每次到巴黎, 我都一定要到LADURÉE店里逛逛, 这次竟然在银座日本东京找到这家店!



It’s a full service restaurant that offers an abundance and quality of sweet confections. Primarily famous for its macaroons, the French patisserie has 6 locations in Japan (3 in Tokyo).  With a counter filled with all the wonderful goods taken to-go, as well as table service with the same desserts, some savory options, and wines. The cafe offered excellent views of one of the main intersections in Ginza. 这个是与巴黎一样的餐馆,摆设一系列的丰盛糕点, 法国马卡龙。 这家名店在日本有3 间分行, 3 间就在东京!里面有一排排的漂亮可以让顾客打包的糕点, 甜品及葡萄酒。 这家店就在银座的主要路口前, 更有好风景!

This is the outside view of the restaurant!  餐馆外面的壮观!
This is the view from inside of the restaurant, overlooking the intersection of Ginza!  从里面望出去就是人山人海的银座路口!



The restaurant is decorated in a very French-ancient style, with all the furniture & wall decorations! I just feel the abundanceness around the restaurant, because it’s filled with royal energy and everything served with Laduree royal feeling of labels, napkin, silverware… and everything else!  这家餐馆整体上都是法国古典装修, 从椅子桌子到盘子杯子都是古色古香的!

Me! sitting on the Laduree signature chair, feel like a royal VIP!  我! 坐在Laduree经典椅子, 真的觉得自己像皇族名人呢!
Beautiful, creative, luxury style dessert served on royal-like silverware!  就连盘子也那么高贵, 美丽, 豪华的!
Me.. preparing to eat the yummy dessert, we actually mesmerize the dessert for quite some time before eating it! because it’s just simply gorgeous & delicate and all u can name it for a classy luxury dessert! 我们真的不舍得吃这么漂亮的甜点, 看了有看, 欣赏有欣赏每一个细节, 才舍得吃!
A nicely crafted cake! Wanted to order the signature dessert, the super yummy Mont Blanc but it was sold out.. so i order this cute cake that’s has hazelnut cream on it too!  本来是要订Mont Blanc, 这家店的经典必吃的甜点, 但是太热卖了都卖光了, 只好点同样口味的榛子甜点咯!
And the second dessert is Ispahan, awesome rasberry dessert..再来一个树莓甜品Ispahan! 也是热卖款哦!
super yummy and seriously feel like I’m pampered for the Royal-Like afternoon!  吃完了高贵豪华的甜品, 终于享受到了皇族贵妇的下午茶!

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