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Museo Ferrari & Me

As I was planning for my Italy buying trip.. I found out a place worth to visit located in Bologna, Italy!! It’s… cheng cheng cheng… Museo Ferrari which is only 30 mins drive from Bologna Airport! When I found this piece of information, I was super excited and jumping high for this visits, and decided to include it in my itinerary! From far we can see Ferrari logo.. and it already excites us!


Museo Ferrari
External View of Museo Ferrari.  远远就看到法拉利博物馆的招牌!
Museo Ferrari
Museo Ferrari in Maranello, located in Bologna, Italy。位于意大利的法拉利博物馆
Museo Ferrari & Me。博物馆外面,与我。


“Live the dream” is the claim that welcomes visitors, promising an immersive, unique experience.
The Museo Ferrari in Maranello focuses on Ferrari’s present and future, whilst remaining deeply rooted in the Prancing Horse’s extraordinary history. A permanent exhibition dedicated to Formula 1 and the World Championship, complete with cars and a “pit stop wall” where visitors can gain an understanding of telemetry and pilots’ in-race driving behaviour, is flanked by five rooms that host themed exhibitions with wide-ranging appeal. There are many other visitor amenities besides:  a cinema with looped showings of themed films, semi-professional Formula 1 simulators, a photographic set to allow them take home a personalised photo souvenir of themselves in a Ferrari at the end of their visit, the opportunity to try their hand at a genuine tyre change, big screen coverage on grand prix days, a large Ferrari Store and a warm, welcoming café.


Yummy house baked bread served in the cafe,超香又好吃的自做面包,就在法拉利餐厅!



There are lots lots lots of Ferrari cars parked at the outside of the Museo.. different model from different year! 当我们一走到博物馆的外面,就被一排排的法拉利车的壮观被溶化了!

outside2 car2

More Ferrari cars!! This is real excitements! 又有红,又有青,好兴奋呀!



The Red Ferarri model right outside of the entrace of the Museo! 这个红色法拉利车模型就在博物馆的门口!


WOW!!! exciting car model on the wall of the Museo! 哇塞,里面还掛了好多好多不同年代的法拉利模型车!超赞的!


Oldest model of Ferrari! 最老的法拉利!


Ferarri Engine for the car enthusiats! 法拉利车迷不可错过的车引擎!


The horse .. the trademark of Ferrari! 法拉利马,法拉利和標志!


Ferrari model of year 1954 ,1954 年的法拉利



There are also simulators available for car enthusiats to try the power & speed of Ferrari! 除了看到千万个法拉利模式及历史,车迷也可以试驾喔!



and the wonderful Ferrari Merchandise store, for us to hunt for more Ferrari souvenirs! 当然不要逛完了就空手回喔!一定要买些法拉利记念品喔!

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