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Zentangle Jewelry

Finally my own line of Jewelry is out! it’s a customized and personalized equilibrium oil Zentangle cap either with your name, your lucky number or the combination of name & lucky number! it’s specialized in enhancing your MONEY LUCK, ABUNDANCE LUCK $$$, every new month is the best time to boost the wealth luck!

恭喜我的专属的首饰终于面市了!“发到爆” 的度身订做禅绕盖!直飘出钱~钱~钱的感觉, 超强的金钱能量在震震震! 新年新月就是迎财气, 与财富金钱共震旺的好时光!千万别错过!

增强正财横财的油及配搭禅绕盖您可以在彩油盖是超炫的, 可以放自己名子,爱人名子, 幸运号码, 或两者都放!绝对是独特的!










The origins of this cap design comes from my own Zentangle art piece, it was my Mooka zentangle discovered by Wendy Lor, a jewelry designer with 26 years of experience! She was amazed with the design and decided to help me to turn into a jewelry piece! Most of all, Wendy Lor feels a tremendous positive vibes when she was looking at these zentangle art, that triggers her to turn to  a piece of jewelry that brings good vibes to the users!

话说这个禅绕盖的来源是因为Wendy Lor, 我的一位非常有经验的珠宝设计师, 看了我的禅绕画之后而突然有的想法!因为他感觉到禅绕画的非凡能量, 所以想把它放进首饰里, 让带着的人也能无时无刻的被提高能量!

zentangle_art2 zentangle_art1 zentangle_art


The cap is used together with the equilibrium oil that represents your guardian angel bottles who will leads & guide your life path, most importantly is to increase your positive energy to face daily lives!  禅绕盖是配合天使油一起用的, 因为天使是我们的守护者, 会带领我们做对的决定, 走在对的道路上, 最重要的是无时无刻都提升我们的正能量!


If you would like to enhance your love luck, sales luck, health luck or just to find out your guardian angel based on your birthdate? contact me! 如果想增强爱情运, 销售运, 健康运又或者找出你的守护天使, 可以联络我哦!











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