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About Me

Riko Lee is an Abundance Lifestyle Expert . Human Factors Engineer (UK) . Certified User Experience Analyst (USA) . Branded Bag E-commerce Entrepreneur . Color Therapist Counselor (UK) . Zentangle CZT (USA) . Magic Oil Producer . Tarot Card / Angel Card Consultant . Avatar Wizard (USA) and many more to come!

Establishing RikoLee.com based on the idea of sharing the abundance lifestyle that she is experiencing in her travel life, bag buying experience and her counseling experience in all her roles! A platform to share Riko’s passion, she is aiming to share stories, and sharing her experience, sharing her knowledge, sharing how she helps customer to create abundance lifestyle for each and everyone of them! In her heart, living with her, is the passion of bringing ABUNDANCE into everyone’s life!

Being ABUNDANCE is not limited to material wealth….
ABUNDANCE is happiness from within; overflowing to love more people around you; bringing more love to self and others around you!

Servicing others by bringing ABUNDANCE to their life ~ is to create happiness, satisfaction, fulfillment from inner to outer aspects of everyone’s life! 

Come to Riko Lee, if you need advice/action/solutions to these life’s abundance areas:
* advice on branded bags, bag care, bag brand, bag style, energy color for your bag
* advice on fashion tips, latest fashion from Milan & Paris
* when you constantly feeling empty inside
* need direction in life
* need a boost in life, a spice in life, and a sweetness in life
* love to service more people to create meaningful life
* and all that you can think of related to ABUNDANCE, eternal happiness from within!


Riko Lee 是个 丰盛生活达人 . Human Factors Engineer (英国) . Certified User Experience Analyst (美国) . 名牌包包电子商务企业家 . 色彩资商师  (英国) . 禅绕认证老师 (美国) . 魔法油制作者 . 榙罗牌 / 天使牌解读者. 阿梵达智者 (美国) 以及更多!

RikoLee.com 是一个让他可以分享自己多元化的角色, 有世界各国旅行经验,欧洲买包经验, 心里资商经验。 也是一个让他分享自己炽热的生命旅途, 分享故事, 分享经验, 分享学问, 分享如何把丰盛带进有缘人的生命里。在他心中的一个梦想是帮助所有人都获得丰盛!

丰盛是一份福足的快乐, 饱享的爱。 从里到外兴奋的溢出到影响别人, 把更多的爱播出让更多人收益!

把丰盛带进别人的生命~ 是创造快乐, 人生满意, 饱享; 从里面到外面, 人生的任何领域!

* 关于名牌包包, 如何打理名牌包包, 如何选择名牌包包, 找到属于自己的人气颜色
* 最新意大利, 巴黎时尚更新信息
* 当你觉得心里很空虚
* 觉得需要人生方向
*需要人生鼓舞信息, 促进生命力, 尝尝生命的甜意
* 想要服务更多人, 想帮助更多人过有意义的生命
* 以及所有与丰盛有关, 永恒快乐!



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